Virtual Summit 2020

OCTOBER 22, 2020 

3:00 PM EST

Imagine the prospect of owning your own business. 

Not to mention several that are synergistic. Look no further. Loyalty Brands is your chance.  



Loyalty Brands Synergy Circle

This is your chance to become a part of a Mega Franchise with 6 brands.

Led by business guru and the granddaddy of tax preparation John Hewitt.  He built two of the largest retail brands in history and now he’s doing it again. 


You'll get to hear from the leaders of the brands

Each brand will make a short presentation explaining the benefits of joining their organization. You will be able to discern what is of most interest to you.

You may even decide that you would like to have several brands in your portfolio.

Face to Face Chat Opportunity

After the initial introductions, you will be directed to links that you can click and be sent to chat rooms to meet the people who lead the brands.

You can ask questions, share your experiences and background.

You will be able to move from room to room

In this new world of virtual experiences, this Summit Is one of the best. Join us to learn and decide if you want to have a franchise business that will give you the financial freedom and stability you've been looking for.

An Over The Top Experience


John Hewitt

Loyalty Brands

Linda Nyman

First Choice Business Brokers

Jeff Nyman

First Choice Business Brokers

Shepherd's Guide - Timothy Lambert

Timothy Lambert

Shepherd's Guide

Shepherd's Guide - Rodica Lambert

Rodica Lambert

Shepherd's Guide

Jack Seal

ATAX - Rafael Alvarez

Rafael Alvarez


Steve Rafsky

Steve Rafsky

Loyalty Business Services

Estrella Insurance - Jose Merille

Jose Merille

Estrella Insurance

Jon Bartos

Jon Bartos


Certainly a world-class team of professionals who are anxious to share their stories.